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What Makes a Verlo Mattress Franchise Stand Out?

by Sleeping Beauty on Sep 4, 2018 8:18:00 AM

what-makes-verlo-franchise-stand-out-photo-300x200pxAre you looking for ways to break into the mattress industry?

If so, starting a Verlo Mattress franchise is an excellent way to go! Our one-of-a-kind product combined with our comprehensive training and support for franchisees makes the franchising experience stand out above the competition.

Learn more about what makes our brand unique in this entry!

#1. Custom-Made Mattresses Produced In-House

The typical mattress store purchases mattresses from a variety of manufacturers. Customers come in and choose the one they like best. They purchase it as-is, based on their experience testing it out in the store. Verlo Mattress is different. We make our mattresses in-house, making it easier for franchisees to offer a high-quality inventory, and helping customers to get the best deals by cutting out the middleman. We help customers select the mattress that’s best for them, and then invite them to return to us for custom adjustments after they make their purchase. This business model helps Verlo Mattress offer a unique mattress-buying experience that customers can’t find anywhere else! That’s probably one reason why Verlo Mattress has developed such a strong following of loyal customers.

#2. A Strong Reputation

Verlo Mattress enjoys a cult-like following among our customers. That’s because families have been passing down their love of our products through generations! Our customers know that Verlo Mattress is the place to go for a great mattress at a fair price. This brand recognition will be an asset to you as a franchisee. When you start a mattress business on your own, it can take years for you to build up a reputation as a reliable vendor – even when you’re working with well-established mattress brands! Help to increase your visibility by branding yourself as a Verlo Mattress franchise, and instantly take advantage of the strong reputation we’ve been building since 1958.

#3. Excellent Training and Support

Breaking into the mattress industry can be challenging for newcomers. They need to learn the basics of how to identify the right mattresses for their customers, industry trends, and how to operate a new store! Opting to purchase a Verlo Mattress franchise can greatly simplify this process. We’ve developed a comprehensive training and support program that’s designed to teach our franchisees everything they need to know about running one of our franchises.

One key support we offer includes identifying a new location. It’s crucial that our franchisees find just the right space to set up shop in order to showcase our products to their potential customers, and we’ll put our experience to work to find you just the right spot. We also help our clients learn to master other important parts of operating a business, such as bookkeeping and identifying new customers. If you’re thinking of joining the mattress industry but are worried that your lack of experience will hold you back, don’t wait any longer! Verlo Mattress can get you up to speed on everything you need to know to get your mattress store up and running.

These are just a few of the reasons that Verlo Mattress stands out among competitors. Contact us today to learn more about what it takes to open a Verlo Mattress franchise!

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